When Selling Your House, Think In Terms Of A Home

That Is Sparkling Clean, Uncluttered And Spacious!


First impressions are crucial.  It is important to present a spacious, clean living space, an environment that potential buyers can picture themselves living in.  Here are a few pointers for a successful showing:   


  • Scent Control - clean carpeting and drapes to eliminate cooking odors, smoke, and pet smells. Open the windows to air out the house. Bake cookies or simmer spices such as cinnamon in water on the stove – enticing scent!


  • Temperature control – turn the heat up when cold; blast the air conditioner when hot!  It gives the buyers a reason to stay in the house longer!  


  • Lighting control - Turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights and closet lights.  Put higher wattage bulbs in light fixtures to brighten up rooms and basements. Replace any burned-out bulbs in closets.


  • Mood control – keep the fireplace going, when possible, turn on soft music for pleasant, inviting atmosphere. 


  • Pet controlget your pets out of the house!  If that’s not possible, crate them or confine them to one room (ideally in the basement), and let the real estate practitioner know where they’ll be to eliminate surprises.


  • Valuables controlalthough a real estate agent will be on site during the showing or open house, it’s impossible to watch everyone all the time.  Putting away jewelry, money and other small items will eliminate temptations. 


  • Image control – remove family pictures, diplomas, etc., from the wall.  These items may cause buyers to form an opinion of you and figure out your occupation, age, religion, family circumstance, etc.   That could affect your negotiating positions.      


  • Self Control detach yourself from the process and get out of the house!  It is best if sellers are not at home during the showings.  Let the prospective buyers look around comfortably and form their opinion of your home.


Remember that prospective buyers will be in the house for five to ten minutes and, sometimes, even for less.  Make these minutes count!