A Garage Sale Is The First Step Toward De-Cluttering


  • Plan ahead - don’t wait to the last minute!  Planning a garage sale demands time and energy.  After all, you have to sift through all that you have collected over the years!


  • Get a permit - most municipalities require a special permit or license in order to hold a garage sale. Check with the Town.


  • Invite your neighbors to join in - turn your garage sale into a block-wide event and lure more shoppers! 


  • Choose the right day –Saturdays and Sundays generate the most traffic, especially if the weather cooperates.  Be ready for early birds!


  • Place ads - online and in free classified papers.   Don’t forget to include the dates, time and address.  Let the public know the types of items to be sold, such as baby clothes, furniture, or weightlifting equipment. Don’t forget the balloons and the directional signs!


  • Price the goods - attach sticker prices to all the items offered for sale.  Be objective as you set the prices.  No pennies!


  • Throw the junk away - nobody will buy your broken appliances and tools.  It will save you time and effort!


  • Eliminate mistakes - make sure that items you want to keep don’t accidentally end up in the garage sale pile. 


  • Organize your display - lay out your items neatly by category to make viewing easier for the prospective customers.


  • Get a cashbox – and fill it with ample change.  Keep a close eye on your cash


Everything Sold? You are now ready to prepare your house for sale!